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A Guide to Campsite Etiquette
  • A Guide to Campsite Etiquette

    A Guide to Campsite Etiquette

  • A Guide to Campsite Etiquette

    A Guide to Campsite Etiquette

  • A Guide to Campsite Etiquette

    A Guide to Campsite Etiquette

1/1/2016 Campsite Etiquette - Tips for Happy Camping

You may think that you are a kind, unselfish soul, who would not offend or do anything to upset any fellow campers on their holiday. Unfortunately the chances are that you have upset someone at sometime without even knowing it.

What might seem normal and acceptable to you may upset and/or anger your neighbours. Please be aware of others around you and consider their feelings.

Follow our guide to camping etiquette and make sure you are the perfect guest at Jasmine Caravan Park.

Respect Your Neighbours

Jasmine Caravan Park is a family park, we ask you to treat you neighbours as you would wish to be treated yourselves. 

  • Remember that families around you are sleeping. What might seem like a quiet late night chat with a glass of wine to you could be keeping your neighbours awake.
  • Sound travels, even more so when you are only seperated by a thin layer of canvas. Your radio is probably being heard by the rest of the camping field, so be aware that 11pm is quiet time on the site.
  • Pick up your rubbish. Nobody likes seeing it, simply put it in the bin.

Doggy Decorum

We are a pet friendly park and animal lovers ourselves, but we don't want to see your dog spoiling the day for somebody else.

  • Pick up after your dog. There is a dog bin near the front gate and there are many bins around the park. Any bin is   better than leaving it.
  • Keep your dog on a lead when around the park. There are lots of local walks straight out of the front gate. Just ask at reception for details.
  • If your dog is the 'barky' type, think about bringing some windbreaks so he can't see passing people.

Little Darlings

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates your little ones as much as you do. All children will get excited on holiday so if you’re camping with the kids do your best to make sure their excitement doesn't disrupt or annoy other campers.

  • Let your kids know about when and when isn’t an OK time to run about or shout, and be very sure to impress on them that other people’s tents/pitches are private and not for exploring.
  • Try not to take it personally if a neighbour asks you nicely to keep the volume down early on a morning. Not everyone is up at 7am when on holiday.
  • Remember that the only thing between you and your neighbours is a thin piece of canvas and the smallest noise such as a games console or mobile phone can carry and may disturb those near you.

Some more useful tips

  • We know we have a great shower and toilet block, but please do not hog it in the morning. This is not the place to take your newspaper for your leisurely morning read.
  • We have a field for ball games. Please do not use your neighbours tents as goal posts.
  • If you are camping in our non hook-up field think about where you are pitching your tent. Can other tents still get their cars out? Do you really have to be within touching distance to the tent next door?
  • We would hope that we shouldn't have to tell you to flush the toilet after yourselves, don't leave food lying about, and don't put hot bbq's in the bins. Unfortunately, on occassion we do.


In essence, the camping experience is all about repect. Respect for your fellow campers, respect for the campsite rules and regulations and respect for the environment.

Happy Camping! 

For more tips on camping please see our Guide for Safe Camping at Jasmine Caravan Park.

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