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Environmental Policy

At Jasmine Park we believe we have a duty to care for our environment. We realise how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful and unspoilt area of Yorkshire.

We plan and work very carefully to ensure a sympathetic blend and fusion is maintained between our natural environment and our business. We strive to increase our sustainability and reduce our impact on the environment through the following measures:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle where possible – glass, tins, plastic bottles and newspapers. Our aim is to minimise litter onsite and recycle as much as possible. We ask all our guests to help by using the appropriate waste containers provided.
  • Minimise water and energy use through prudent and efficient practices such as high frequencylighting, low energy bulbs, cistern hippos, 24hr electric timers and push button taps.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible.
  • Promote the natural heritage and biodiversity of our park and the surrounding area.
  • Protect and enhance our environment and encourage native plant and animal life, planting ofhedges, shrubs and flowers to attract insects and butterflies.
  • In March 2008 we planted over 400 trees on site creating a natural screening and windbreak.This lessens the impact of our business on our neighbours.
  • Encourage use of breathable groundsheets and introduction of maximum tent size.
  • Encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport. A guide to local transport and bustimetables are available on our website, in receptions and in out tourist information centre.
  • Promote the benefits of staying, eating and buying locally. By supporting local producers andservices, there is a real benefit to local communities.
  • We are committed to continue improving our environmental performance, minimising our environmental impact and making resource efficiency an important requirement of all our operations.

Jasmine Caravan Park | Cross Lane | Snainton | North Yorkshire | YO13 9BE | tel: (+44) 01723 859240 | Registered in England 05984407

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